At any point in time Presto Expat have a wide range of vehicles available at competitive prices for immediate purchase. We endeavour to keep on hand vehicles that are generally popular in the expat market, however will also undertake a comprehensive search of the market to ensure we deliver on your requirements.

With over 20 years experience in the Singapore market at Presto Expat Motoring we are confident of finding the best quality car to meet your needs. All vehicles are also subject to an independent inspection giving you peace of mind at the time of purchase.

Every vehicle sold comes with Presto’s 24hr Car Concierge/Vehicle Management. At Presto Expat Motoring, getting on the road in Singapore really is as easy as ABC!

Most pre-owned cars for sales in Singapore do not extend warranty cover beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. Nevertheless, Presto Expat Motoring has all cars sent for an evaluation at an independent inspection prior to finalising each purchase. By conducting these inspections we aim to provide our customers peace of mind that the vehicle is in the best condition & there is nothing that will adversely impact the resale of the vehicle in years to come.

Wary of the fact that uncontrolled growth in the number of vehicles will result in traffic jams in land and road scarce Singapore, the government has implemented a range of measures to manage car ownership and usage. These include the Certificate of Entitlement (COE), Vehicle Quota System (VQS), road taxes and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP). As such with every person looking to purchase a vehicle in Singapore requiring COE prices of vehicles in Singapore are amongst the highest in the world.

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is often a more affordable prospect & when paired with competitive bank finance rates as low as 2.98% daunting vehicles prices seem more achievable. Please be aware current MAS guidelines require a minimum deposit of 40% of the vehicle value.

A foreigner above 18 years of age and holding a valid class 3, 3A or 2B foreign driving license may drive in Singapore for a period of 12 months commencing from the date of his last entry into Singapore.  (Refer to Singapore Road Traffic Act, section 38).   For license not written in English language, an International Driving Permit or translation is required.

Petrol is measured in litres. A litre of petrol can range from S$2.20 to S$2.70 depending on the grade and these changes periodically to reflect current fuel market situation. The price of petrol is usually standardized such that the cost of a particular brand of fuel is the same regardless of which station sells it.

Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is an electronic system of road pricing. It uses a dedicated short-range radio communication system to deduct ERP charges from smart-cards inserted in the in-vehicle units of vehicles each time they pass a pricing point when the system is in operation. The pay-when-you-use principle helps make motorist more aware of the true cost of driving. This way, road usage can be optimized. Charges are levied on a per-pass basis and can vary according to time and congestion levels. The charge passing through a gantry depends on the location and time, the peak hour being the most expensive.

A device known as an In-vehicle Unit (IU) is affixed on the lower right corner of the front windscreen of all cars within sight of the driver, in which a stored-value card, the CashCard, is inserted for payment of the road usage charges & parking costs (applicable for most shopping centres & some public car parks).
Cards can be topped up at any ATM displaying the cash card logo, 7-11 convenience stores, AXS Stations, Selected Service Stations and at top up machines in parking stations.
Presto Expat Motoring offer market competitive prices for quality used vehicles. Our consultants are happy to assist with a valuation should you be looking at selling your vehicle, they can also offer advice on the private sale process (including car consignment) including optimum time frames/requirements.
For all sales enquiries (including rental & leasing) please call +65 6732 7377. Alternatively for assistance with aftersales requirements (service bookings, 24hr assistance, repairs etc) please call +65 6738 7377
We can also be contact via email or drop in to the office, details below:
Email: info@prestoexpatmotoring.com
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