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Car Rental and Leasing Guide for Expats Who Have Just Relocated to Singapore

Singapore may be known for having a solid public transport system but that doesn’t mean there’s never any need for renting a car. No one wants to worry about taking public transport with all of their luggage when they touched down in a country for the first time, for example.

The occasional need for access to a car doesn’t mean it makes sense for most people to go out and buy vehicles outright. Instead, new residents to Singapore might want to take a look at the following Car Rental and Leasing Guide to decide if renting a car might be a better solution.


Car Rentals for Getting Around

There are plenty of circumstances under which it just makes more sense to look into a budget car rental than it does to go through the hassle of navigating public transportation. One of the most common is moving to Singapore from abroad.

Renting a car means that there’s no need for figuring out a new transportation system or hauling tons of suitcases and bags for kilometres. Some car rental companies in Singapore even cater specifically to expats, making it remarkably easy to make rental arrangements from abroad and avoid the higher cost associated with predatory airport rental agencies.


Convenience of Car Rentals

Once new residents have settled in, they’ll may start getting the hang of public transport reasonably quickly. That doesn’t mean the need for a rental car will never arise again. Thankfully, the same companies that offer short-term rentals to expats who want to facilitate their moves or visits from family and friends often give better rates for long-term rentals.

While taking public transport around the country or from one point to another is sometimes the most practical and almost always the most affordable option, it may be inconvenient to get around the rest of the island by public transport alone. Renting a car to send your kids to school or for your daily commute to work will help to ensure that everything goes smoothly and take the stress out of planning. For trips away from the city or late into the night, it will also likely be the most affordable option.


Long-Term Rentals

Drivers who prefer not to take public transport or anticipate having to be on the road often for work or pleasure might want to consider a long-term car rental. Referred to more often as leasing, this option allows drivers and families to fully explore their options without having to commit to one particular vehicle right away. Even those who ultimately intend on buying a car might want to consider a few essential car leasing benefits before they make up their minds.


Benefits of Leasing Over Buying

Driving conditions are a little bit different in Singapore. New residents who opt for purchasing vehicles straight off the plane might find themselves struggling if they’ve made their choices based on what would have worked for them back home. Leasing a vehicle allows drivers who can afford this option to get to know the roads and the drivers before committing to a particular make and model of car.


Where to Lease a Car

When looking into leasing a vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that not all rental companies offer the same amount of assistance. Those that cater to expat drivers are more likely not just to offer a reasonably simple exit strategy for voiding the lease contract but also to be able to offer help when it comes to time to buy. Some may even offer a more in-depth Car Rental and Leasing Guide for drivers who aren’t quite sure what option will be the best fit.


How to Save on a Lease

It’s often possible to save money when leasing cars by choosing a rental company carefully and taking out a longer contract. In some cases, drivers who are willing to make a year-long minimum commitment instead of renting on a short-term basis are able to save hundreds of dollars a month. Just make a point of asking about any penalty costs that might be associated with breaking the lease upfront.


The Bottom Line

It’s just not possible to weigh in definitively on whether short-term or long-term car rentals are a better fit for Singaporean expats. Instead, each driver should consider all of his or her options carefully and try to make the decision that is best for the family’s unique situation.


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