Renting A Car In Singapore

Renting a Car vs Public Transport: Pros & Cons

Everyone knows that owning a car in Singapore is actually not easy. It costs a lot of money to buy and to maintain it. However, as the population rose, many people have considered renting a car in Singapore so that they would not have to squeeze with people on the public transport. It might have their pros but of course everything does have some disadvantage about it.

Renting a car in Singapore can be quite costly too, not only the rental fees is expensive, you still have to pay for the car park fees and the oil expenses. You may have the ability to rent a car now, but how long can you rent the car for? You still have many other expenses to cover, even if you have a job that pay you decently each month, you still find it hard to rent a car for a long period of time. On the other hand, if you take public transport, you can save a sum of money as in Singapore, with different scheme that our land authority have come out with, it able us to travel around Singapore without spending much. It is definitely affordable compared to leasing a car in Singapore.


Car leasing in Singapore can bring convenience to our life. Singapore is known as a little red dot but it can still take quite some times to travel from one place to another place. With a car, the time taken to travel around can be shorten and of course, you need not face the crowd in the public transport especially during peak period. The crowd in public transport during peak period is unimaginable. Leasing a car in Singapore can bring us some benefits too. When you lease a car, you can have low upkeep expenses but the major disadvantages are that you have to stick with the choice for at least three years. If you decided to end the lease earlier, you will incur penalties and you have to return your car. It might not be a good choice to lease a car if you are those kinds who get bored with things easily.

Public transport is indeed still convenience but imagine if you have to carry lots of stuffs it will be a burden to squeeze together with the crowds. It might not be the quickest too because it is a social service and will often takes the long way around an area to try and include as many people as possible in one trip. With a car, we can kind of control the time as we can better estimate the time. However, public transport is never under your control. The timings can never be correct and sometimes it might not suit us. However, using public transport can preserve the environment more than driving a car. It can reduce pollution as there will be lesser cars on the road, reducing fumes and also less traffic jams.

Both leasing a car in Singapore and taking public transport have their own pros and cons. You choose your choice depends on what you need and what you can afford.