Leasing A Car In Singapore

3 Advantages of Leasing A Car In Singapore

Looking to renting a car in Singapore? Are you an Expat coming over to Singapore for a year and thinking of car leasing in Singapore?
Here are 3 advantages when leasing a car in Singapore.

  1. Simple to budget
    Monthly costs are fixed throughout the time of lease with no additional costs for servicing, maintenance and repairs. Leasing prices range differently depending on the vehicle types. Since a leased car is relatively new, the chance that it needs to be serviced is small. In most cases, the car remains under warranty under the leasing company which is good news to the person leasing a car in Singapore.

  2. All your round transportability
    When your leased vehicle is undergoing servicing, maintenance or repairs, a stand-in vehicle will be provided. So you wouldn’t have to worry about not having a vehicle to use when the car is unavailable.

  3. Save time
    Leasing a vehicle means fast registration, there is no need for vehicle testing and there will be no problem for insurance claims because the car is not solely yours.

Difference between leasing and renting a car:

Leasing a car is something long-term. The person who leases the car gets to drive the car for two to four years while paying however the car still belongs to the person who leased the car out. Which means, the person who leases the car out still has the right to set conditions. For example, if the car happens to get bumped, the person who leases the car has to make sure it gets repaired before returning it to the owner. Lease agreements vary with different people. Some leases require small amounts of payment every month while some do not.

Renting a car however, is something short-term. Usually, people who only need to use the car for a few months per year or less. Renting a car is more flexible however, is a more costly choice.


Leasing a car is almost the same when someone is considering buying a car. One has to do substantial research on the possible cars and dealers. It is ideal that one doesn’t disclose the time of lease until after a purchase price is confirmed. Some things to be aware of include the dealer tries to sell you extra, trying to make it sound like a good deal when in reality it is not. Make sure to do a research on how much a car should cost to lease before approaching a dealer and immediately strike off dealers that tries to offer you a high price or dealers that are aggressive. Dealers are supposed to give helpful and honest services.

If you are an Expat, renting a car in Singapore would be more ideal as you just need the car fr a short period of time, you also get to drive a vehicle that you want and don’t have to worry about servicing and maintaining the vehicle as all of that would be taken care of by the rental company.